Shared Kids Room Design Ideas and Decorating Tips

Green color shared kids room with top and bottom bed

Designing and decorating a shared kids room is a challenging task. Mainly because most of the kids want privacy and don’t want to share the room with their siblings or anybody else. But in the ever-growing cities, the living space is becoming more and more premium and providing a separate room for their kids is not possible for all the parents. But before putting your kids together in a room, you can use clever design ideas and decorate the shared kids room to make it more playful and interesting for them.

While designing a shared kids room, it is advisable to give equal importance to both playfulness and functionality. By using creative design ideas and multipurpose furniture units, you can create a comfortable room that your kids will love to share.

Choosing the right bed setup for shared kids room

Identical Loft Beds in Shared Kids Room


The main part of any bedroom is the bed. Space in a kids room is premium. There may not be space to put two separate beds for your kids. You can opt for loft beds or bunk beds to save space and at the same time provide separate beds for the kids. You can also design and install foldable or multipurpose beds that hide when not needed. Some beds also fold and become sofa when needed.


Bunk bed with barn door in a shared kids room


Bunk bed with a barn-style slising door covering the top bed.


Shared kids room with bunk beds


Loft and bunk beds are very attractive to kids, they make them feel a little adventurous. But a bunk bed may lead to quarreling among the kids for top bed. In that case, you can rotate the top and bottom bed between them.


Mirrored loft beds in shared kids room


To avoid the quarreling among the kids, you can design identical or mirrored loft beds in the shared kids room.


Separate bed and storage space in shared kids room


If you the room has enough space, you can put two separate beds and separate storage space.


Shared kids room with identical separate beds and study table

Study Tables for Shared Kids Room: Separate or Shared

Study table in shared kids room


Select study table with adequate space for both kids. You can choose a single table with two chairs and divide the tabletop space by creating a barrier like that in a ping pong table. Make sure the tables have enough storage space for books and stationaries.


Shared kids room study table


Providing individual study tables in the shared kids room is a great idea. It will ensure that there is no quarrel between the kids for the tablespace. But you may not always have the space to put two table in the room, so you can put a big table and divide it equally. In very small rooms, you can install tables that fold away when not needed.

Storage space design in shared kids room

No matter what you do, the storage space in a kids room is never adequate. Kids need storage space for their books, clothes, shoes, and toys. Design the room to have enough space for both kids. Select beds with under-the-bed storage space to store toys, bed sheets, shoes, etc. Put some wall shelves over the study table for books and other study materials.


Shared kids room storage shelf with baskets


Create two separate wardrobes on either side of the room or create one big wardrobe and divide it equally. Make sure each wardrobe has enough drawers and shelves to store all variety of clothing items. Bottom mounted drawers are useful for storing t-shirts, knickers and other small items. You can fix mirrors on the wardrobe doors to help the kids dress up.


Tall storage shelf cum room divider in kids room


A tall storage shelf between two beds also acts as a room divider and peacekeeper between two kids.

Seating furniture for kids and their friends

Shared kids room with bed cum sofa


Most of us ignore the importance of having seating furniture in a kids room. Kids and their friends spend a lot of time in their room. So having a couple of chairs or a sofa is not a bad idea. You can also put a couple of bean bags.

Storage for toys

Study area with book shelf in kids room


Kids love their toys. More than one kid means lot more toys. Design and build a proper storage space for toys in the room.


Shared kids room with seating furniture


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