Modern Living Room Designs by Presotto

Modern Living Room Designs with TV Unit and Bookshelf

The living room is the center part of every home. It is where you spend most of your time with the family and friends. The living room is the place where you watch TV, have a conversation, play some games, read books or take a quick nap. Modern living room designs are modular and minimal. Though minimal in design, the modern living rooms have plenty of space to store items.

Let’s take a look at some modern living room designs by Presotto. Living rooms by Presotto feature modular and versatile design and offer flexible and customizable furniture system.


Simple living room design with long base cabinet and floating wall units. The LED TV is placed on a unit floating on the based unit.


A simple and minimal living room design with bookshelves on either side of the TV.

Modern Living Room Design with floating cabinets and integrated book shelves


Minimalist living room design with green and white color theme. The base cabinet has a built-in fireplace.

Green and White Living Room Design with built-in fireplace


Simple living room with white base cabinet and dark, artistic wall cabinets. The design is very minimal yet very artistic.

White and artistic living room design


White is the major color in this living room design. The top shelf doors finished in the back color art in contrast to the white color.

Minimalist living room design in white color

Simple living room design with LED TV


Simple living room design with grey and cream color scheme. The base cabinet with LED TV floats well above the ground.

Simple living room with gray and cream color scheme


This living room is designed for book lovers. It offers plenty of storage space for books and magazines.

Modern living room with book storage

Living room with bookshelf


The floating base cabinet in this crisscross living room design is finished in wood. The vertical unit is finished in solid colors.

Crisscross living room design


This wide living room is modular and offers plenty of storage space. The based cabinet is dark and the top cabinet is fished in cream color.

Living room with brown and cream color combination


Solid white color and wood grain finish dominate this contemporary living room design. The white wall cabinet has glossy finish.

Contemporary living room design


This modern living room design features modular cabinets with no handles. Dark color and wood grain finish compliment each other in this design.

Contemporary living room with floating cabinets


Contemporary living room with floating base and vertical unit.

Modern living room with horizontal and vertical cabinet


Minimalist living room design with white and green color theme. The white color cabinets have doors white the green color shelves are open and exhibit item stored.

Minimalist living room with white and green color


White dominates this modern living room design while the top cabinet features flowery graphic print.

White living room design with graphic print

White and green living room furniture


White with contrasting black color dominates this living room design. The black color shelves perfectly compliment the white color.

White and Black contemporary living room design


It is a very simple living room design with just a small base cabinet in white color and a complimenting cabinet with a metallic finish. The hidden lighting strip surrounds the cabinets.

Minimalist living room with gold and white color theme


It doesn’t get simpler than this. The TV sits on a floating shelf with one edge resting on another base cabinet. Three white floating wall shelves in different sizes and an open shelf are finished in white.

Living room with floating wall cabinets


This contemporary living room design has a big white cabinet with four doors and contrasting dark color wall paneling.

Living room with full wall paneling


This minimalist living room furniture has a long base cabinet finished in white and a designer wall cabinet.

White and designer living room furniture


Modern modular living room furniture in single color finish

Modern and minimal living room design


Glossy white base cabinet and vertical unit compliment the wall paneling finished in dark textures in this simple living room design.

White and metallic living room design


You also need bookshelves and study area in living room. Modern living room designs are modular and have plenty of storage space for books. Now let’s take a look at some designs of bookshelves and study areas in a living room.

Living room bookshelf

Large open bookshelf in modern living room

Living room bookshelf with open and closed shelves

Modern living room study area

Media cabinet in a modern living room

Media and storage cabinet in living room